Parents speaks about yearbook labeling son as "Clueless"

Parent Speaks About Yearbook Controversy

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The controversy over one middle school yearbook labeling some students as "Clueless" or "Empty Box" is generating a lot of buzz and has one parents speaking out on the issue.

Parent of a student at S.P. Arnett Middle School in Westlake, Mark Borel, created a Facebook page called S.P. Arnett Yearbook Concerns. A page he set up for parents and others to come together to speak out on the yearbook issue many parents are calling a form of bullying.

Borel feels titles like "Clueless" and "Empty Box" shouldn't be in the yearbook, let alone given to middle school students.

"It's one thing to be called "Most Athletic" or "Most Popular," Borel said, because those titles are at least positive.

His son was labeled under the title "Clueless" in the middle school yearbook. And he said it's a title that doesn't put his son in a positive light.

"He's been diagnosed with several conditions. Aspergers, ADHD, selective mutism, and a lot of these things he's going to have struggles with over the years, and I've struggled with him," Borel said.

He said he's had a lot of support from the Calcasieu Parish School System up until this year.

"I've kind of hit a brick wall with his educational needs. And this kind of really put a hit to it," Borel said.

Borel said a yearbook label is supposed to build a child up, but for his son to be labeled as "Clueless," he said was irresponsible.

Borel said he is waiting for something to be done about this issue and a written apology from the school, something he has yet to receive.

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