June 6, 2012 - Ethan Beaty

At first glance, W. W. Lewis middle school student Ethan Beaty seems to be just like any other 7th grader.  But what he witnessed on a recent trip to Houston changed him.

"I went to the VA with my grandfather and I saw all these wounded veterans," said Ethan.   "I was wondering what I could do to help them.  So I said why not help out with the Wounded Warrior project?  I asked my teacher for the petition to get it started.  She said 'yes, go for it.'"

"Ethan is a tremendous American," said American History teacher Tracy Domingue.   "Ethan is one of those kids that make you remember why you got into teaching.  When he came to me with this, I was very excited."

Domingue explained that the money had to be earned by the students and not just come from their parents.   Over $400 was raised.   The Wounded Warriors were so impressed; they personally showed up for the check presentation to thank Ethan and his fellow students.

"It's just heartwarming for people that young to get up and support a cause like this," said Josh Wege.  "He really gets it and understands what we are trying to do.

For his help in organizing the Wounded Warriors fundraiser at Lewis, we're making Ethan Beaty this week's Hometown Patriot.

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