Be prepared for 2012 Hurricane Season

The following is a Press Release:

National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2012 runs from May 27th through June 2nd. With June 1st being the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, now is the time to review your emergency evacuation plans. NOAA's 2012 hurricane season predictions are; 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes, 1-3 major hurricanes (category 3, 4, 5). The peak of the hurricane season is from mid August to late October with September 10 being the peak. As we know very well our area can experience hurricanes in late June and or September.

A recap of the 2011 hurricane season resulted in 19 named storms, 4 category one and two hurricanes, and 3 category three, four and five hurricanes. There was one Louisiana landfall – Tropical Storm Lee. The 2011 season was tied for third for the busiest season on record.

The category of a hurricane does not necessary indicate the size of the storm surge. For example Category 2 hurricanes Francis had a storm surge of 6 feet and Ike had a storm surge of 15-20 feet. Category 3 hurricanes Andrew had a storm surge of 8 feet and Katrina had a storm surge of 24-28 feet.

The Cone of Error is a good reference mark when viewing hurricane graphics. Remember, it does not show you the amount of rain, storm surge, number and intensity of tornadoes, wind gust or changes that may occur before the storm makes landfall. As always everyone should monitor all severe weather events using a NOAA weather radio, local television and radio, register for alerts from the OEP Emergency Alert System and social media.

Everyone needs an emergency evacuation plan. Some things to consider are:

  • Know the area you live in – Is it prone to tidal, storm, and or heavy rain flooding.
  • When will you evacuate?
  • Where will you evacuate to? – Have 2 or 3 options
  • What items will you evacuate? – Will you have to make numerous trips?
  • What will it cost? – Start saving now
  • Have a list of important phone number.
  • Secure you home and property.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition.
  • Be self sufficient for 72 hours with food, water, medication, clothes.
  • Have a first aid kit.
  • Evacuate all important papers.
  • Video your home – Inside and out

For a detailed plan you can go to and select "Get a Game Plan", or to download the Official Louisiana Hurricane Survival Guide you can go to Select Emergency Information, and then select the Official Guide.

Residents and businesses in Cameron Parish are encouraged to sign up for the Cameron Parish OHSEP Emergency Alert System at, select Quick Link, select Office of Emergency Preparedness, and in the first statement select "Click Here".

The Cameron Parish Annual Hurricane Awareness Meeting will be held on June 12, 2012. The meeting will be held at the Creole Multi-purpose Building starting at 6:00 pm. All parish volunteers, first responders, and industry representatives are encouraged to attend. Roger Erickson with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles will be the guest speaker. A meal will be provided.

Any questions please call our office at 337-775-7048.