Moss Bluff and other area post offices to stay open

Moss Bluff post office to stay open

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - The Moss Bluff post office and several others in the area were put on the chopping block, by the cash strapped postal service and now some won't be closing any time soon or at all.

Many of the residents in the Moss Bluff and surrounding areas who use the Moss Bluff post branch said they were relieved the post office wasn't closing. All thanks to some pressure put on Congress to keep this branch and other small post offices open for service.

"Moss Bluff is not going to be closed," La. Senator Mary Landrieu said. "The hours may need to be shortened because the post office has to of course cut back on its expenses."

Cutting back on expenses like shorter hours to give the post offices new tools to generate more income for themselves. And many in the Moss Bluff area were upset when last year they discovered the Moss Bluff office might be closing.

"Very disappointing. We need those services," Richard Guillory of Moss Bluff said.

"Disappointing if it closed because we would have to go to Lake Charles I'm sure," Velma Richard of Moss Bluff said.

And Bobby Brown of Moss Bluff said it's just another sign of the times changing.

But now that it's planned to stay open, the Moss Bluff office will continue to sign, seal and deliver to the people who rely on it most. Just one step in saving the future of the postal service.

"Well, I'm excited that way I won't have to travel into Lake Charles to get my mail," Lisa Landry of Moss Bluff said.

"It's very important to us. We get all of our mail at the post office," Pat Edwards of Moss Bluff said.

Other area post offices that will stay open include offices in Fenton, Mittie and Leblanc.

Watch the attached video to see more reaction about the post office staying open.

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