Growth for Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman celebrated the completion of a new multi-purpose building today in front of Senator Landrieu, as well as city officials from across southwest Louisiana.

Senator Landrieu stressed that this is an exciting time for southwest Louisiana, as the building is only one of many new additions to the area.

It's 25,000 square feet of work space, just completed at Northrop Grumman to handle large aircraft quickly and properly.

"When you look at the building, and the capabilities in this building, it really enables us to be very successful in the programs that we currently have, and programs that we're going to bring here in the future," said Site Manager Kevin Mitchell.

Officials cut the ribbon Wednesday at the new multi-purpose center, where crews will simply wheel a large aircraft in and begin work. There are smaller areas throughout the building as well, for prep work and layup, which is where fiberglass or composite materials are applied to parts.

"Look at the composite capabilities that we have, the capabilities of this facility as world class, is going to give us a competitive advantage," said Mitchell.

Chennault executive director Randy Robb says the residents of southwest Louisiana made this happen.

"I would also like to personally thank the citizens of Calcasieu Parish who supported the recent Chennault tax renewal," said Robb. "The renewed tax will prevent us to continue economic development efforts, such as those represented by this building through the year 2025."

Senator Landrieu says while citizens might not see it all of the time, legislators are doing their part as well.

"We do work hard together every day, trying to work as a team, even across party lines here, to bring jobs and opportunity for southwest Louisiana," said Senator Landrieu.

The facility is built with green technology to make for a cleaner workflow, a workflow that may get started very soon.

"Because of this facility, we're able to bring new work, that we just actually acquired to bring in this building which is an ea 6 speed outer wing panels, which we'll be starting in here very shortly," said Mitchell.

The multi-purpose building is adaptable to future work and possibly even expansion. The facility is expected to create around fifty new jobs for the area.

Senator Landrieu pointed out other new additions coming to southwest Louisiana, one being the new unit at Sasol North America, and the second being the expansion of the LNG facility through Sempra Energy.

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