Firefighter who saves family speaks out

Firefighter Speaks Out

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Memorial Day house fire trapped a pregnant woman and her 2-year-old son in a bedroom. The Lake Charles Fire Department rescued them, but it wasn't easy.

"We were having problems finding them because of the heavy smoke," Rescue Crew Captain Paul Guidry of the LCFD said. "We were real worried that we were too late."

The woman and her son suffered from smoke inhalation and were transferred to care centers in Baton Rouge. Both are being kept in ICU as a precaution due to the woman's pregnancy and the young age of her son.

Family of the victims say everyone is safe, all thanks to some fast acting firemen.

"My thoughts were basically 'God please let there be a window that we can get these people out,'" Guidry said.

And even though Guidry was in charge of the rescue mission, he doesn't consider himself to be the only hero.

"I work with a great group of guys and I know any of them, if they were in my shoes would have done the same thing," he said. "So as a hero, I would give that to all the guys on the scene that day because it was... if that was to be bestowed, that honor is bestowed on each and every one of those guys."

The residents were rescued safely thanks to crew members, but how did the fire start? Investigators say the fire didn't start in the kitchen or was caused by a faulty appliance, but instead started on a piece of furniture.

LCFD Chief Wayne Rigmaiden of the Fire Prevention Bureau said investigators had eliminated all other sources such as wiring or the trailer home itself.

"It was apparently something like a cigarette or something smoldering in the chair because there was a distinct V-pattern coming from the chair itself," Rigmaiden said.

Rigmaiden said every fire is different, but the Lake Charles firefighters are ready for any situation.

"That's what they do. Our guys fight fire, they rescue, save lives and that's what they do and it's greatly appreciated at what they do for putting their lives on the line," Rigmaiden said.

Chief Rigmaiden said it's important to have working fire detectors in the home and to make sure the batteries in the detectors are fresh.

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