Victim voices concerns about LCPD drive by investigation

Drive by victim speaks out

Lake Charles Police responded to a drive by shooting call at 1110 Tulane Street around 2:30 yesterday morning.

Since then, no arrests have been made. But Deputy Chief Mark Kraus says investigations are easier when all parties are cooperating, including the victim.

While the victim did not want to be on camera, we did speak with her this morning.

After arriving at 1110 Tulane Street early Monday morning, Lake Charles Police tried to piece together evidence from the drive by shooting.

"Once we interviewed the victim, the person told us that two people had driven up and asked for someone in particular," said Deputy Chief Kraus. "The homeowner at that time didn't know who that person was and that's when the shots were fired."

Kraus says officers followed protocol and asked for a victim statement.

"Anytime this happens at the scene, our detectives and patrol officers ask the victims to come in," said Deputy Chief Kraus. "For whatever reason at that time, she couldn't come in."

Kraus says he understands not everyone can make arrangements immediately after an incident but now, more than 36 hours later, the victim still has not given a statement.

"We're still interested in getting a statement from our victim so we can pursue this case and get some resolution and try to solve it the best way we can," said Deputy Chief Kraus.

The victim told KPLC this morning that while police say the injury occurred from an air gun, she disagrees.

"By the physical evidence that was left at the scene, and according to a detective who's telling me that they believe it was an air pistol," said Deputy Chief Kraus.

But Kraus also says that it really doesn't matter what kind of gun was used.

"That doesn't make it any less important. Somebody was sitting on their porch, which they're allowed to do, and two people drove by, whether it was an air pistol or a pistol or rifle or shotgun, it was still somebody impacting our community and that's what we're interested in solving," said Deputy Chief Kraus.

Details about the incident still remain a mystery, like who the suspects are, who they were looking for or if they even know the victim.

"We don't know any of that," said Deputy Chief Kraus. "That is in part why we desperately need to speak with our victim, and haven't yet been able to do so."

Kraus says being able to talk to everyone involved is what helps solve a crime.

"At the end of the day we need cooperation from all parties involved in any crime to move that case forward," said Kraus.

The victim also says she identified one of the suspects and gave police his address. She says police told her they would not go to his residence because he was too intoxicated.

Deputy Chief Kraus says this is not true, and they will continue to try and get a statement from the victim to hopefully solve the crime.

If you have any information on the incident, contact Lake Charles City Police.

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