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Good morning on this beautiful Tuesday! Britney Glazer will be in for Agnes DeRouen today for 7News@Noon.

Capital One Bank on Ruth Street in Sulphur is closed right now. Police there tell us an elderly woman drove her car into the front of the building. We will bring you what we know at noon.

Also, gulf coast seafood is going digital! Companies all around the coast are signing up to have their catch monitored from the ocean to the table.

Then, your digital persona often outlives your personal one, so how can you protect your online presence and assets after death? We'll tell you about digital estate planning.

Ben says we're in store for more heat today, but thankfully we won't be dealing with any of the effects of Tropical Depression Beryl.  He'll have the latest with his Pinpoint forecast today at noon.

We'll bring you that and more today at noon.

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