Toddler, pregnant woman escape LC mobile home blaze

LCFD saves toddler and pregnant woman from burning mobile home

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - At 10:25 this morning, fire crews were called to a mobile home near Gerstner Memorial Dr. in Lake Charles for reports of a fire.

"We were sitting outside and we heard him screaming..." said witness LaPorshce Thomas.  "I didn't know what he was screaming for so we jumped down and we seen flames coming out of the trailer and my mama told me call the police call the police" she added.

Inside the blazing home, a sleeping Jarvis Caesar, his two year old son and pregnant girlfriend.

"I wake up.. I'm trying to work my way to the living room- that's where the fire was- so I couldn't get to them" said Caesar.   "I ran out this back room and I immediately screamed call the fire department."

Before fire crews were able to get to the house, Caesar and neighbors tried to get to the girlfriend themselves.

"We helped try to break that apart to at least contact them to let them know I'm right here... By the time we got right here we didn't hear anything. They were unconscious" said Caesar.

Both the two year old boy and pregnant girlfriend are healthy and safe.  As for the charred mobile home, Caesar says everything is destroyed.

"It's destroyed... Everything is just gone."

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

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