Jeremy Brown guilty on all counts

Jeremy Brown guilty on all counts

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It took a jury of ten women and two men 54 minutes to come to a unanimous verdict: Guilty.  Jeremy Lee Brown was found guilty on all four counts against him in a Oberlin court on Friday.

Brown was found guilty on two counts of murder in the first degree in the death of Benjamin Ellzey and Gretta Ellzey, one count of theft of property in amount of more than $1,000 and guilty of one count of obstruction of justice.

"It's an amazing feeling. Finally after years, justice is done and this family can rest tonight peacefully" daughter-in-law of the murdered couple, Darlene Mattocks said.

Before a verdict was reached, a stern-faced Brown and teary-eyed family members of murder victims, Benjamin and Gretta Ellzey watched as the prosecution began their closing arguments tracing the days leading up to and following what they call a heinous crime.

In his backtracking of events, Allen Parish District Attorney, Todd Nesom said Brown Is fully responsible and the evidence shows that.

"He [Brown] went to take money from Pop [Benjamin Ellzey]... A fight breaks out, mom comes in and he starts beating Mom too... And kills them both" he argued to the jury.

Brown has a history of violence, having been convicted of simple arson and manslaughter in the death of his father in August 1990.

Defense Attorney, Chad Guidry, responded by claiming that the whole case is one of wrongful accusation and an incomplete understanding of all the facts.

He argued that there is no direct evidence linking the murder to Brown, with the murder weapon, bloodied clothes and tools from inside the house being found in possession of two others- witnesses who testified earlier this week,  but were not tried as suspects.

"The crime scene was handled improperly and evidence was ignored" said Defense Attorney Guidry.

He added, "this crime was committed by Kevin Melbert and Eric George" and claims neither were identified as suspects because "police had their minds made up in the first 10 seconds on the scene".

In a short rebuttal, Assistant DA Joe Green, reiterated the fact that the possession of the items in question were circumstantial and by the willingness to come forward and present the unknown items to authorities removed their status as suspects in the case.

Defense Attorney Guidry reminded the jury of their duty of presenting a 'not guilty' verdict in the presence of any reasonable doubt. He claims that the mishandling of the crime scene and failure to treat others as suspects is all the reasonable doubt the jury needs to do that.

Judge Joel Davis then read juror instructions as they were seen out for deliberations.  Under an hour later, the guilty verdicts were read.

Defense Attorney Guidry says the next steps will be to file in the Court of Appeals but for now, DA Nesom is pleased to know that a family will have justice served at last.

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