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Good Friday morning everyone! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom.

Whew!!!  We made it to another weekend and hopefully you are preparing for a wonderful Memorial Day holiday.

While you're getting ready for all those great get-togethers, you may want to get ready for something else that's really big – Hurricane season.   Today at noon we'll tell you about the state sales tax holiday this weekend and what you can stock up on.  You can also find a complete listing HERE.

We should all be remembering our fallen military personnel this Memorial Day weekend and as we do so, we should also consider the plight of veterans in need of health care.  Today an interim VA clinic opened in Lake Charles and while it is welcomed, we'll explain why local officials say they won't rest until a permanent clinic is established.

There's something in your house that could pose a serious danger to little children.  It's something many of you may use on a regular basis, but it's been the culprit in hundreds of poisonings.  Today we'll tell you why that fact has caused the manufacturer to change its packaging.

Also today, you know we love animals – and with the start of flea season upon us, we want to make sure your pets are safe.  We'll tell you which flea medications offer the best bang for your buck.

And speaking of animals, we're also going to visit a secret island full of monkeys!   Most people don't believe it exists, but we'll show you the occupants are alive and well.  In fact, they are helping researchers develop the latest in bio-terrorism agents and cures for deadly and debilitating illnesses.

Ben is a busy little bee in the weather center.  He's telling me we can expect mostly sunny skies today – pretty much the same pattern we've seen over the last few days – but what about conditions for our big holiday weekend?  How hot will it get?  Will our rain chances increase?  And what about those breezy conditions?  We need to know in order to plan our festivities….so look for Ben's complete, up-to-the-minute local forecast in just a bit.

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Have a great day and a safe, holiday weekend everyone!