LC Charter Academy board awards employees an end of year bonus

Teacher bonuses for charter academy

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After a year of smart budgeting, the Lake Charles Charter Academy had a surplus. The extra money went toward improving classrooms and improving the wallets of the employees at the charter school.

Something Board President Judge Gene Thibodeaux said is in appreciation for all of their hard work.

"Teachers are our heroes and we would like to honor them in such a manner," Thibodeaux said.

He said the board's business model holds a good money management system, and because of the end of year surplus both the teachers and non-teaching employees of the charter academy earned it.

"All of our employees will be getting it for the hard work and dedication that they've shown this year because of the surplus that we have ended with this year, our bonuses will total more than $173,000," Thibodeaux said.

A six-figure surplus, giving teachers an extra $3,500 to their next paycheck.

"It's a show of appreciation. It's a morale booster and it encourages them to perform even more and better next year," he said.

Part of the surplus money will go toward purchasing cutting edge technology for the classrooms and a $300 supply fund to each teacher so classroom supplies can be purchased without going out of pocket.

"If we have a happy staff, happy students, we create a great learning environment," Thibodeaux said.

The second charter school will open in the Lake Charles area in the fall. While there are a few open job spots at the current school, hiring for the new charter school will take place this summer.

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