Jury sees gruesome crime scene video in double murder trial

Jeremy Brown trial day three
(Source: APSO)
(Source: APSO)

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Jurors in the Jeremy Lee Brown double murder trial today saw the shocking crime scene Thursday.

Crime scene investigator detective Chris Oakes testified about every detail he saw at the murder scene where Brown's mother, Gretta Ellzey, and step father, Benjamin Ellzey, were found dead.

He's certified to conduct DNA analysis and to investigate crime scenes for the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office, Detective Oakes climbed on the stand to testify Thursday morning to testify about his role in the scene processing after the 2008 murders of Benjamin and Gretta Ellzey. He stayed there, all day, being questioned repeatedly, about the scene, evidence and processing, by prosecutor Joe Green.

He says after arriving on the scene on the night of June 20, 2008, he documented the crime scene through photographs and a video. The ten women and two men of the jury saw both in court Thursday, even close up images of the couple, brutally beaten to death in a bedroom in their home.  

Throughout the house bloody shoe prints, pieces of skin and blood splatters, plus over 20 pieces of evidence confiscated by law enforcement. That evidence included a bloody towel covering Benjamin, pieces of bloody wood from the closet and a broken light switch plate, also bloody.

But Green asked Oakes to point on what was missing from the home. Oakes said two telephones, Benjamin's wallet and small wooden sticks, that before laid in a pool of blood. All of these items were later found in the trunk of a blue 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis stolen from the victims' home.

Also in the trunk, a bag of bloody items: paperback books, Gretta's purse and a T-shirt with Brown written in the collar. Oakes collected DNA from Brown and sent the items the state forensic lab to be tested. The specialists who processed the items are scheduled to testify. The trial is expected to continue Friday.

It is unclear at this time whether or not court will be held on Saturday, otherwise it's expected to pick back up on Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday.

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