Lead investigator takes stand in Oakdale double murder trial

Day two of Jeremy Lee Brown trial

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Wednesday, the state continued building its case that Jeremy Lee Brown killed his mother, Gretta Ellzey, and step-father, Benjamin Ellzey around June 18, 2008.

But the courtroom became tense this afternoon, as the defense suggested witness Kevin Melbert killed the Ellzeys rather than Brown.

In the double murder trial, it was stolen items that took center stage for much of the day..

A dryer and blue car stolen from the victims' home were both were found in the possession of other individuals. Police located the car in Eric George's possession and the dryer in Kevin Melbert's. The defense questioned why neither of them were ever suspects, specifically because George removed bags of bloody clothes from the vehicle. Both men say they obtained the items from Brown.

Both men also have a criminal past. But they cooperated with police and gave statements during the investigation. Melbert admitted to smoking cocaine with Brown.  During cross examination by defense attorney Chad Guidry, Melbert became upset and was told several times not to argue and to answer the questions.

Lead investigator, Voohries Leger, described the scene as he saw it at 403 North 12 Street on June 20: scattered paperwork in the house, daily pill containers on the counter with only Monday and Tuesday's pills gone, and a potent smell.

He along with former officer Roger Christian testified about locating Brown later that evening, after he was identified as a person of interest. They found him at a residence on Prater Street with a duffel bag that belonged to Gretta. He told police his name was Jimmy, which is his brother.

Shandreka Turner, the payroll manager at Gilchrist Construction Company where Brown worked, testified about Brown being terminated after he was a no call-no show June 18-20. Prosecutor Joe Green says it's within that time frame that the Ellzeys were murdered.

The trial will continue tomorrow, and the state will be allowed to mention Brown's criminal past, which includes a manslaughter conviction after he killed his father in the 90s.

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