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(Source: CPSO)
(Source: CPSO)

Good morning! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom getting prepared for 7News@Noon.

Yet another drug bust on I-10.  And once again the illegal cargo is high-grade, hydro marijuana.  Street value is into the six figures and the collar is due to yet another one of those highly-trained K-9 units.

Also today, imagine being allergic to EVERYTHING!  In fact, there are some people who deal with daily pain just to eat their food.  We'll meet a little boy so sensitive to food, he can only eat SIX items -  wow!  We'll see how he and his family cope.

Plus, remember the dad who shot his daughter's laptop?  Well, another parent is taking matters into her own hands.  This mom is taking a pro-active approach when it comes to the consequences of posting inappropriate material on Facebook.  What does she do?  You'll have to tune in at noon.

Speaking of parents and their children, there is quite a video making the rounds.  It involves some parents who put their baby in a washing machine at a Laundromat!   What is up with these folks?  It's a question the law is now asking.  You can see more on this HERE.

Ben tells me to lookout – it's going to be hot, hot, hot!  And let's not talk about that humidity.  Will we see any rain to cool us off in the near future?  Ben's checking out the conditions now – so look for his full, up-to-the-minute, local forecast in just a bit.

We have a lot going on, so we hope you join us online at or on air.

Have a great day everyone!