Oakdale double murder trial begins

Jeremy Brown trial

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - An Oakdale man, already once convicted of manslaughter, is on trial again, this time for double murder.

Jeremy Lee Brown served time back in the 90s after being convicted of manslaughter and simple arson. Police say he shot his father, Lee Earl brown, in the back, and then set his house on fire.

Jeremy Brown now faces double murder charges in the death of his mother, Gretta Ellzey and step-father Benjamin Ellzey.

Police say they could've been dead for up to 72 hours before they were found. Gretta and Benjamin Ellzey were found dead in their home in June of 2008. Gretta's son Jeremy Lee Brown is now on trial for their murder.

The trial began Tuesday with their daughter-in-law taking the stand. She found their bodies in their home at 403 North 12th street.

Her tearful testimony depicted the scene as her and her late husband found it, after not hearing from the couple for a few days.

Other witnesses testifying Tuesday included several home health nurses who made daily trips to the home to treat Benjamin Ellzey.

Two of the Ellzey's neighbors also testified saying they saw Brown driving his mother's car days before they were found dead, something many witnesses say they had never seen before.

Police say the car and a dryer were stolen from the residence and sold in Oakdale. In opening statements the prosecution said bloody clothes were found in the car, including a T-shirt with Brown's name on it.

Tuesday afternoon, officer's first arriving on the scene took the stand.

Brown's attorneys Chad Guidry and David Deshotel questioned them about whether or not they contaminated the crime scene when initially entering the home.

Prosecutor Joe Green plans to bring several more witnesses to the stand.

We'll bring you more from the trial tomorrow.

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