7 On Your Side Report: Craigslist

7 On Your Side Reports: Craigslist

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Craigslist has become a popular way to buy and sell things especially if you're Internet savvy.

But in this week's 7 On Your Side report, it's also a place to watch out for those who would take advantage of you.

If you go on Craig's List and find that someone that wants to sell you something that's too much of a bargain or send you more money than you're asking for an item, those are red flags they may trying to scam you.

So you're shopping on Craig's List and you find an RV for example. The seller says he's a soldier being deployed overseas and is offering you a steal of a deal, a RV for half the market value.

Armen Million with the Better Business Bureau says it happened.

"The consumer was told they could send the $2,200 and this particular individual would ship the RV to them at no additional cost. Well, when you start hearing these things you know that it's unrealistic.  It's one of those scenarios that we tell people, if it sounds to good to be true it generally is," Million said.

Or say you are selling a car for example and somebody wants to pay you way more than you are offering.  Million warns, don't believe it.

"It's usually a scam and in some way they are going to get you to give your personal financial information, your bank, so they can deposit money, what have you.  It's just another scam that they're trying to get your personal financial information or money from you," Million said.

Million also said companies like Craig's List try to vet those using their site, but she says consumers must still do their homework.

"You need to ask yourself, why is a guy in Washington, trying to sell you something at this low price, in Louisiana.  I mean it's one of those questions you need to ask and think about what they're saying.  Just because it sounds good you shouldn't rush into it."

Million says a lot of the time people want the Better Business Bureau to get their money back, but they can't.

"Unfortunately a lot of these scams are perpetrated or they come out of a different country.  The chances of us getting their money back are very slim."

Million's advice, when it doubt check with the Better Business Bureau first. Another question to ask yourself am I willing to risk the amount of money at stake in this transaction.

To view the Press Release from the BBB [CLICK HERE].

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