Vinton woman arrested for aggravated arson

Vinton woman arrested for aggravated arson

Three were arrested Sunday night following a house fire in Vinton.

Sunday around 8:35 p.m. Vinton Police and Vinton Fire Department along with Ward 7 Fire Department responded to a fire on Stevenson Road.

Firefighters evacuated two residents inside an apartment and extinguished the flames.

Witnesses said they saw Mabel Haynes, 50, walk away with a gas can as the flames started. Haynes fled the scene but returned a little later.

Officers said when they went to question her; she fought and had to be pepper sprayed to be detained.

"During that period of time a confrontation ensued and she was arrested for the unrelated confrontation. She requested some medical attention as a result of the arrest and was transported to Moss Regional Hospital," explained Vinton Police Chief Ricky Fox.

The State Fire Marshal and Vinton Police obtained a warrant and CPSO deputies arrested her at Moss Regional.

Haynes was charged with two counts of aggravated arson.

Tatravis Elder, who was in the home, was arrested and given a misdemeanor citation for obstructing a firefighter's duty. Dawn Thibodeaux, owner of the residence was also given a citation for interfering with police investigation.

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