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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom gearing up for 7News@Noon.

Imagine being inside your home when it goes up in flames. Well it happened to a couple of people in Vinton overnight and police there tell us it was arson.

Over in Cameron Parish, you may have a problem with low pressure of a complete water outage. It has to do with some work being done in Water District 11 and we'll tell you how long the situation will last.

Also today, is it chatting…or cheating? Technology makes for a fine line as we connect differently. Could that cyber-talk really be infidelity? An interesting look at how things have changed.

Plus, it happens all the time – your brother or sister doesn't save for retirement, or needs a loan and asks you for help. The question is – when do you agree to help? We'll explain some guidelines you should follow so a one-time emergency doesn't become a recurring nightmare.

Ben tells me we're off to an nice, clear start for the day, but an approaching disturbance could mean some widely scattered thunderstorms later.  How will our evening shape-up and what about tomorrow?  Ben's working on his up-to-the-minute, local forecast right now and you can get all that info at noon.

And did you see it – that incredible Ring of Fire eclipse?  What a show – and you can see it HERE.

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