Louisiana Beer Fest serves up variety

Louisiana Beer Fest offers more than average brew

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles Civic Center was a beer lovers dream as the Louisiana Beer Festival offered more than just your average brew.

The festival made its first of five stops around the state in Lake Charles. With more than 200 varieties on hand vendors took the Lake Area around the world one drop at a time.

"The home brew is definitely to go. There are a lot of good local beers here," said Shaun Meiner.

"I like the variety, something different. It's not just your typical Miller or Budweiser," said Andy Tingler.

"It's an opportunity to try something new. Most people have been drinking the same beer all their life. This way for a small cost they can try a little bit of each one to see if they can expand their palettes and give them a little more knowledge. The people who are pouring for us to be able to tell them a little bit about the beer they are drinking," said James Bittner, LA Beer Fest.

"So now we are going to try Oyster Stout. And basically it's brewed with oysters. The oysters are in the process," explained Brian Stultz. "It goes well with seafood. You will taste a hint of salt water. Let me know what you think. And this is actually my favorite beer of the day and I've never tried it before."

"Sounded a little bit odd. Kinda like how do you make oyster beer. I totally expected to have to slurp one down but it was actually a really good stout," said Clint Pousson.

For those drinkers wanting a little more kick - they threw back the Ghost Face Killah - a spicy wine with a blend of red chili peppers.

The Louisiana Beer Festival made beer lovers out of non believers.

"People who think they don't like beer can find out - oh wow there are things I really do like," said Megan Davenport.

And for those you can't convert there's always root beer.

"We are at the beer festival and don't even drink beer. Here's to all the non beer drinkers... Cheers," said two patrons.

The Louisiana Beer Festival has four more stops around the state including Alexandria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette.

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