Thursday Afternoon Headlines

This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC Newsroom.

Ever since the story came out about the Georgia woman with the flesh eating bacteria who had to have her leg amputated, the whole country has been in frenzy over this deadly disease. Today we'll talk to an Iowa woman who suffered the same tragic ordeal. She had a case of the flesh eating bacteria and had to have an amputation.

Also tonight... You've heard the controversy surrounding "fracking." It's a process used to get natural gas out of the ground. Many environmentalists don't like it. And now they may have proof that it's dangerous. A 4.3 earthquake struck near the Louisiana border this morning. And geologists are saying it's possible "fracking" may be to blame.

And crews continue to work on the water main underneath I-210 that burst Tuesday night after workers with the DOTD hit the line. We'll update you on the progress of those repairs.

Tonight we will have lows in the mid 60s under a clear sky. High pressure will setup over our area through the weekend and that will make it very difficult to get any rain plus the sinking air will warm our temperatures. Highs Friday through the weekend will approach the 90 degree mark, a level we have not made thus far this year; but it is only a matter of time!

Coming up on 7 News Sports at Six, Saints suspended linebacker Jonathan Vilma fires back at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a big way. We'll also have the story of a trio of McNeese State track stars who brought home the hardware. And it's Thursday, so we'll have another edition of "Eye on the Bucs".

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