Robbery defendant takes plea deal

Robbery defendant takes plea deal

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - March 12, 2010 was a day Myron Miller will never forget. A gun was held in his face and he was robbed in his own barber shop on Opelousas Street.

The robbers got $160 and stole his truck. Miller knew the suspect Chad Parker well.

"I knew him for over seventeen years. I have cut his hair, I mentored him, I talked with him, I talked with his family. I just knew this kid. For him to do this hurt me deep inside," Myron said.

Myron and his wife Jennifer are grateful he wasn't killed.

"I could have lost my husband. I could be a widow here today and my children could have not had their father raise them the rest of their years," Jennifer said.

Parker, who was 17 at the time of the crime, could have faced decades in prison if convicted on all counts, but midway through his trial on charges including armed robbery and vehicle theft he took the state's offer and pleaded guilty to first degree robbery.

Judge Wilford Carter sentenced Parker to three years and gave him credit for time served. Parker's admission of guilt brought some satisfaction for Myron.

"I was relieved when he finally admitted under oath that he did this crime to me. Now on the time that he is going to serve, I'm not too much satisfied with that. But I am satisfied that we on the right path," Myron said.

Myron and Jennifer have responded by trying to be a positive influence for youth in the community by setting up the Jericho Youth Center.

Parker must pay back his share of the money $159.

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