Nelson's Donuts employee startles burglar

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Burglars broke into Nelson's Donuts this morning around two a.m.

A witness claimed to see three men walking around the location. When an employee entered the building, one of those men had gained entry by breaking a side window and climbing through it.

LCPD says the man left with milk cartons and thumb tacks, but not before cutting himself a second time by climbing through the window again.

Deputy Chief Mark Kraus says even though the items seem insignificant, the act impacts the entire community.

"The real crime here is that there's a business owner affected by a senseless crime," said Kraus. "While we know the materials stolen were milk cartons and some tacks, we see that as stupid. More often times that not, police officers are not dealing with art thieves and sophisticated people. They're dealing with people that are generally stupid, and in this case this is a stupid criminal. He broke into a business, a felony event. When he's caught, he's going to have a felony conviction, but I'm sure that he already has a criminal history and may back up many many years on that crime to steal thumb tacks."

Nelson's Donuts still served customers today despite the early morning break in. LCPD are still investigating the break-in and searching for suspects.

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