Crews work on burst water main along I-210

Water main break

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish Public Works received an unexpected surprise last night after a water main busted under I-210.

It's been a work in progress basically all day long alongside I-210 between Legion Street and Broad Street.

Crews worked to restore water to locations on both sides of interstate, and officials say as of around four o'clock this afternoon the water is back on.

"About 9 o'clock yesterday evening the DOTD was doing some boring to set some pilings for new signs along the interstate," said Lake Charles Water Superintendent Russell Buckels.

At that time the crew accidentally drove a piling through a water main under interstate, and the water began to rush out.

"A lot of water coming out from the casing underneath the interstate, which is designed to protect the interstate itself, if there's a break underneath the interstate there," said Buckels.

After the Public Works division received the call, it took several hours to turn the water off.

"We had to come out and physically find some valves and valve off the area so we could stop the water leak," said Buckels. "So we can determine what the problem is that needs to be repaired."

The line supplies water to several business along the west side of 210, including car dealerships and a restaurant. Around 60 homes also get water from the main. The repair process is underway, but it's going to be a lengthy one.

"It's a very deep line," said Buckels. "It's about 15 foot deep there, so there's some shoring issues and safety issues that's going to slow it down a little bit so we are able to excavate is safely."

The east hole must be secured before repairs can be made. Metal sheets must be placed inside the hole so it does not cave in. Buckels says this is time to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"We're going to do some repairs on it," said Buckels. "We'll have to go back in and repair it and fill in the hole and do some other things. And we may put in some additional valves down the road that will help us in the future if something like this happens again."

Buckels says water is still not flowing through the main underneath interstate.

He said extensive repairs are going to be made before the main can be reopened. But he adds that right now it will not affect any customers.

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