Kennedy says Jindal using budget scare tactics

Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Treasurer John Kennedy says the Jindal administration is using scare tactics to drum up support for restoring hundreds of millions of dollars to next year's budget.

Kennedy sent a letter to his fellow Republican, Gov. Bobby Jindal, on Tuesday asking him to "stop scaring our health care and higher education communities" about the $268 million stripped from next year's $25 billion budget by House GOP lawmakers.

Kennedy says Louisiana can cut the money without harming critical services, by eliminating vacant jobs, reorganizing departments and reducing consulting contracts.

The Jindal administration says the cuts proposed by the House are unworkable and would force the governor to strip dollars for health services and college campuses. Jindal spokesman, Kyle Plotkin, says Kennedy has "a long history of using numbers that don't add up."

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