Josh Ledet comes home to SWLA

Josh Ledet returns to SWLA

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Louisianans have a reason to celebrate… and despite the bad weather, nothing could rain on this parade. Southwest Louisiana has been looking forward to Joshua Ledet's homecoming for what feels like a long time... And the day definitely didn't disappoint.

from L.A. to La... Louisiana, that is, Westlake welcomes home its own American Idol.

And in true Louisiana fashion, it wouldn't be a parade without the Mardi Gras theme.

And that's just what the SWLA Convention and Visitors Bureau ordered.

Director Shelly Johnson says "We actually had to tell the folks at American Idol that when Southwest Louisiana does a parade, we do it big time. So we were able to put it together. We had so many folks in the community who donated their floats to us to make it special."

Weeks worth of prep went into the parade... Just in case.

Johnson continues, "The thinking and the process of starting to have meetings and researching what other cities had done went down a couple of weeks ago. But it went full force last week with over 500 people involved in putting on our efforts for our fabulous parade we had today."

Before Josh took the street, anticipation filled the air.

Stacy Savoy, Josh's self proclaimed number one fan, says she's "so excited! I've been ready for this day for a long time.  I'm like a Josh fanatic... His number one fan! Go josh!"

But good things come to those who wait, and Southwest Louisiana finally got a glimpse of its superstar.

Excited fans are predicting a win. "Josh is gonna win and he will not be in Louisiana anymore. He'll be international", says Latarsha Brown.

And Westlake cheerleader Sydney Bryant is also excited for Josh. "I just want him to win cause he's good and he deserves it", she says.

While no one can predict the future, we know for certain that Josh's concert at Burton Coliseum is the largest event the venue has ever seen, and for good reason-- because Southwest Louisiana loves Josh Ledet; especially his prom date from last year, Courtney Baxter, who had a special message for Josh.

She says "We went to prom together last year in 2011 and I was just saying 'hey Josh, will you marry me?"

Josh definitely saw Courtney's sign, but today, he didn't have time to respond.

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