Family & prosecutor react to Davis & Saltzman guilty verdicts

Family & prosecutor react to Davis & Saltzman guilty verdicts

After less than three hours deliberating,  a jury came back finding Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman guilty of second degree murder. It means the women face mandatory life in prison.

Soon after the verdict, Saltzman and Davis were handcuffed and brought from the courthouse to sheriff's cars to be brought to the jail. Saltzman had no comment but Davis admitted she didn't expect to be found guilty. "I'm shocked," she said as she was brought to a waiting patrol car.

The verdict came after two weeks of testimony.  And it was an extremely emotional conclusion to the trial for the family of Brian Davis. Scott Davis is Brian's brother. He said he felt a wide range of emotions as the verdict was read.  "Pain, anger, joy. Just overwhelming. Every emotion that's imaginable overcame me. At one point I was even reprimanded by the judge for a slight outburst for slamming my hand on the banister in front of us,"said Davis.

There are many details they will never know about the crime, but Scott Davis thinks the women lured Brian to the remote road south of Lake Charles under the pretense that Saltzman had a flat tire.   "In my opinion they used Brian's good heart to lure him to a place where they could then murder him as they did," said Scott Davis.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant said at the outset, it was an extremely difficult, circumstantial case--the most challenging of his lengthy career. He believes several things factored into a motive for Robyn Davis to commit murder.  "The first question a jury will ask is why? Why would the wife kill the husband? And we brought out three whys. He had had an affair before, several affairs going on, she knew about it. She caught him in those affairs. Number two, she had a gambling habit. She spent tons of money when they had no money over a long period of time. Number three, there were insurance policies. $450,000 which she denied having some of those policies?"said Bryant.  Insurance policies totaled about $650,000.

And why would Saltzman participate? "Because it required two people to commit this crime. It required somebody to stage the breakdown of the vehicle. We know that the vehicle was not broken down, that there was no flat tire. We know that she had the vehicle. And we know that she was her best friend and they were together during the entire time of this going on and they gave alibis for each other. It required two people to commit this crime, not just one. And she was that second person, said Bryant.

The defense was extremely critical of the sheriff's department's handling of the case accusing investigators of at least incompetence if not corruption. Sheriff Tony Mancuso says he's proud of their persistence. "Are they perfect? No. But they worked their butts off and they do it honestly. They made it sound like we were covering things up and trying to do something maliciously. That never happened and that will never happen."

Lead detective Brent Young says they first suspected the wife and her friend when they began catching them in lies. "As soon as we received phone records and we started receiving information that they weren't where they said they were." Reporter: "It didn't add up? Young: "Not at all."

Their sentencing to mandatory life in prison is set for June 22. The verdict was 11-1.  Only ten was necessary to convict.

We were not able to get interviews with the defense attorneys.

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