Joshua in Top 3 brings long lines to concert ticket counters

Tickets for Josh Ledet Concert

The Managan Recreation Center in Westlake and the McNeese Field House ticket office both ran out of tickets for the American Idol hometown concert in about an hour.

Fans of Joshua Ledet lined the street and parking lot waiting to get their hands on tickets for the concert at 6 p.m. on Saturday at Burton Coliseum.

And everyone is excited about Josh's homecoming.

"My heart is pumping so fast and I'm like 'Yay Josh!'," Katina Roberts of Westlake said.

"I'm excited for him," Tiffany Carrier said while waiting in line for her concert tickets. "I'm just proud."

And Becky Vincent said she's "so excited" for Josh to come home for the parade in Westlake and the concert.

"He deserved it. He is going to be the number on American Idol. No doubt about it," Vincent said.

A very proud community and excited to welcome Joshua Ledet home for the weekend.

For reaction and more on the ticket give away, check out the attached video.

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