Davis & Saltzman found guilty of 2nd degree murder

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman have been found guilty of second-degree murder of Davis' husband Brian Davis.

After nearly six hours of closing arguments by attorneys, the case went to the jury just before 4 p.m.

Around five jurors sent a note listing various pieces of evidence they would like to examine including a document dealing with Black Bayou Bridge and a lot of text messages.

Earlier in their closing arguments, defense attorneys urged jurors to find Davis and Saltzman not guilty of the murder of Brian Davis, arguing the evidence was woefully inadequate to send the women away to life in prison.

They called the cell phone evidence voodoo science and Special Agent William Shute overzealous and biased not interested in getting the truth and accused him of manipulating data to put people were they were not. Their closing included a scathing indictment investigators' work.

Robyn Davis' attorney Glen Vamvoras told the jury the state has failed miserably at proving the case saying the women didn't kill anybody. He told jurors if they believe there's enough evidence to send the ladies to prison for life that he's moving somewhere else out of this country because there's no justice.

You can read the blog from today while court was in session to catch highlights of closing arguments.

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