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Good morning! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom preparing for 7News@Noon.

Money is on the minds of our state lawmakers in Baton Rouge.  They are debating next year's budget of $25 billion dollars.  One big issue – how much one-time money can go into the budget versus how deeply they want to cut.  As usual, the most vulnerable programs are health care services and public college programs.

The trial of Robyn Davis and Carol Saltzman for the murder of Davis' husband is nearing its conclusion.  The morning has been spent on closing arguments and you can see it as it's happening at as Theresa Schmidt live blogs the proceedings.  Click here

Crime of a different nature could touch you and your family.  Do you ever wonder how thieves target any particular home?  Well, a reformed burglar is giving us insight on how he decides on his next victim.  As it turns out, you can learn a lot from a criminal.

Also today, falling in love can be wonderful, but can you get the same feeling from a pill?  Researchers say "yes" to that question, but if someone were to offer you a love pill – would you take it?  An interesting situation to say the least.

The weather could get a bit interesting as well.  Ben is putting together his forecast right now, but has already told me rain will be creeping back into the forecast by the weekend.  Just how much does he expect?   Check out his full, local and up-to-the-minute forecast at noon.

Plus many of us are sitting here wondering if we all did enough to ensure that Westlake's Joshua Ledet makes it into the finals on American Idol.  In fact, my fingers are kind of sore typing this email after hours of voting last night!   Josh did his part, now it's all in the counting.   Here's hoping he makes it all the way!  Remember you can re-live all his stage moments and learn about a big potential homecoming event this weekend  on our special Josh page here:

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