SWLA Convention and Visitors Bureau celebrates national tourism week

Tourism Week

Folks in southwest Louisiana got quite a treat Tuesday, as the southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau held a Restaurant Day at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

The bureau is celebrating national tourism week.

Restaurant Day has been a part of the celebration for over ten years.

Local restaurants set up booths for the public to come and sample what they have to offer.

A Cajun band played while guests enjoyed the cuisine.

Megan Hartman, with the CVB, says events like this one encourage people to visit southwest Louisiana.

"Culinary tourism is huge," said Hartman. "We're finding that a lot of people are traveling and they're wanting to taste different things from all across the nation. But when they come to Louisiana, they really want to experience our cuisine. That's huge. So this is one opportunity that the locals can try some of our cuisine that we offer to visitors and to everyone."