Davis & Saltzman Trial: defense reveals mystery document

Davis & Saltzman: defense myster document revealed

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Defense attorneys produced a DOTD record that says the Black Bayou Pontoon bridge was open for barge traffic between 3:31 p.m. and 3:47 p.m. and that, therefore, the timetable of the suspect's involvement in Brian Davis's murder won't stand.

Anyone who drives Big Lake road to Cameron Parish knows they may get hung up at the bridge which is closed to cars when the structure is open so that barge traffic can pass. Well the defense says state DOTD records show that Robyn Davis and Sissy Saltzman could not have followed the timeline the state put forth because the closure of the bridge for that sixteen minutes made their involvement impossible.

The defense confronted FBI cell phone expert William Shute with that-- but Shute says if the record is right it just means the Robyn and Brian Davis got to the bridge before it was closed to car traffic. Brian Davis was murdered at the end of Wagon Wheel off Big Lake Road-- and the State and FBI expert say cell phone records show Robyn Davis and Sissy Saltzman were not where they said they were.

The jury saw Shute's power point presentation mapping out where he says the women were the day Brian was murdered and the day before.

Shute uses cell detail records to plot locations. His analysis basically shows that the women were in the area where Brian was murdered-- even though that contradicts their statements to investigators.

However the defense has put on an expert who disputes Shute's methods and basically says his report is biased and likely reached false conclusions. The defense seeks to raise doubts in the jurors minds about the accuracy and reliability of Shute's findings and the state's case.

Shute's analysis also suggests the women may have been surveying the area of the murder scene the day before the killing, perhaps planning a route to and from the crime scene.

The state rested its case after Shute testified and the defense began putting on its witnesses.  The evidence part of the trial is expected to conclude Wednesday and closing arguments are likely Thursday.

Theresa Schmidt will be in court providing updates through the day. To follow the Davis and Saltzman live blog [CLICK HERE].

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