BBB warns of texting scam

BBB warns of texting scam

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - We all love our smart phones. They make it possible to stay in constant contact with those important to us. But if you get a text message offering you a free department store gift card, the Better Business Bureau warns, it's a scam.

"They started telling you to purchase something. They wanted you to purchase something," Better Business Bureau Executive Director Carmen Million said.

Million said they get the calls every day. People who want to know whether to believe the text on their phone that says they've won a gift card. Just click the link and enter the code.

A lady called million and said she had gotten a text message about Wal-Mart and that she could get $1,000 and that what she needed to do was text them back.

"When she did that they told her she would have to pay a fee and then they requested her financial information and she just deleted it," Million said. "She did the right thing because she stopped before she gave her personal financial information."

Million said they call it "smishing".

"The reason we call it smishing is because it's basically a fishing scam," Million said. "They're fishing for your personal financial information but they're using it on your smart phone and so what they're basically doing is asking you to do is go to this link."

Million said when you go to the link they are going to request personal financial information to receive the $1,000 gift card. And of course it's a scam. Neither Wal-Mart or Best Buy are offering this gift card. Million says your best bet is to delete the message without opening it.

"There's always a possibility they're trying to release a virus If they tell you it's from Wal-Mart, Best Buy or your bank is just delete it and then call one of those agencies or even before you delete it call one of those agencies and verify it," Million said.

The lady who called Million that day refused to get scammed.

"You didn't fall for it. You didn't give them your account number, so that's the key," Million said.

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