Cell phone records suggest Davis & Salzman lied

Cell phone records suggest Davis & Saltzman lied

Damaging testimony against Robyn Davis and Sissy Saltzman, on trial for murder of Robyn's husband Brian Davis.

Cell phone records seem to show the women lied about where they were on the day Brian Davis was shot to death and the day before, Sunday, June 28.

The jury heard detailed testimony from the lead detective in the case explaining how cell phone towers can be used to find out where people are while talking on their phones. And they also heard the messages left on Brian Davis's cell phone left while he was missing.

Detectives say Robyn Davis claimed to have made numerous calls to her husband's cell phone when he didn't come home the day he was shot to death. But when the messages on Brian's cell phone were played for the jury,  there were no messages from Robyn Davis. There were however, desperate messages from Brian Davis' mother crying and pleading with him to call her because she was so worried about him. And there were messages from other family and friends begging him to call and let everyone know he was okay.

Lead detective Brent Young spent the day on the witness stand also explaining how their examination of cell phone records shows the women were not where they claimed to have been the day Brian died or the day before.

The jury also heard about a text message the morning Brian died. A text the women did not disclose to investigators. Robyn texts Sissy "Are you ready to exercise?" Sissy responds, "Yes mam. See you in thirty minutes."

Earlier, the jury also heard about life insurance policies indicating that Brian Davis had $645,000 worth, of life insurance and that Robyn Davis was the beneficiary.

The jury also heard about numerous checks cashed at local gaming establishments suggesting that Robyn or Brian or both played a lot of video poker. The jury heard about bank records indicating the couple had about a thousand dollars in overdraft charges each month in the months just before Brian was murdered.

On cross examination, defense attorneys tried to poke holes in the state's case. Robyn Davis's attorney Glen Vamvoras questioned why they didn't do more investigation of Brian Davis' mistress and her husband.

Much of the afternoon was taken up by defense attorneys aggressively cross examining lead detective Brent Young. They are trying to raise doubt in jurors mind about the thoroughness, accuracy and credibility of investigators and their investigation.

Monday the state is expected to put on an expert on cell phone transmissions from the FBI.

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