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Good Friday morning everyone! Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom preparing for 7News@Noon.

Lots of folks are worried about the possible closure of local Post Offices like the one in Moss Bluff.  Today, Senator Mary Landrieu will visit that office as part of her continued work on postal reform.  She believes closing facilities prior to reform would hurt communities here and around the country.  The current moratorium on postal closures ends May 15th,  but Landrieu and other lawmakers want to extend that until new legislation is enacted.  What are the chances of that happening?  We'll be talking to the Senator about that and other issues…and hope to bring you part of that discussion live at noon.

Also today, May and June are historically the time of year when gas prices soar.  So, that early price spike in January had analysts worried.  However, now they're reconsidering their long term predictions.  Will those prices go down?  The latest analysis is coming up.

And for those who have had to track down lost dogs before, we may have an easier way to accomplish the goal.  A new app features a tracking device attached to your dog's collar that sends the location of that wayward pet straight to your smart phone.

Plus how would you like to wrestle an alligator?  We'll show you how a police officer put the moves on an eight to nine foot gator in a Shreveport neighborhood.  Hey, it's all in a day's work!

Ben isn't "rasslin" gators, but he is putting the final touches on his forecast.  If you like warm weather, you're in luck.   We have a lot of that in store, but what else is lurking in those weekend numbers?  We'll share it all at noon.

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Have a great day and beautiful weekend everyone!