State Superintendent hosts teacher town hall meeting in Jennings

La. State Superintendent visits with local educators

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana State Superintendent of Schools is touring the state holding town hall meetings to discuss his plans to improve education.

Superintendent John White stopped in Jennings on Thursday, May 3 to speak to educators about his goals to make sure the reform achieves one thing--making sure students at every grade level are on the right path to success.

"We have a plan called Louisiana Believes that we think will change a lot of lives across this state," White said. "But in order to know how best to do it we've got to talk to the people who are going to do the planning."

And that means talking to teachers and answering their questions because White said they are the ones whose voice really matters. Hearing their concerns will be helpful to make policies to help students and help teachers to help the students.

"Laid out a plan this evening that says let's set goals, let's give families a choice, let's have a plan for change in the classroom, and let's all be accountable across the board," he said. "That's a plan for change."

There has been a lot of change, especially with Governor Bobby Jindal's education reform.

"I think Louisiana feels a greater urgency to change the fact that we are fairly low when it comes to educational outcomes. I think the legislature was reacting to that urgency, that need to change," White said about how fast the reform passed through the legislature.

"We can do it and we'll do it, and we'll be there in the fall with our teachers side by side," he said.

But is the state ready for this type of, what some say is a drastic reform? White said the state is ready for change.

"We have people here showing up who are articulating that they already are being observed by their principals. They already are setting goals for their students. Parents are already choosing schools they want to go to. Our state is already engaged in education reform. This is just about keeping the momentum going," White said.

White welcomes any input from concerned parents and educators. He can be reached through email at

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