Recent email scam: "Shopper's Guide"

Residents need to be wary of recent emails that have surfaced from an outfit identified as "Shopper's Guide" in which they are seeking people to run surveys on local companies or businesses.

The process eventually leads to the recipient receiving payment in the form of American Express Traveler's checks which are to be cashed or deposited at your bank.

The traveler's checks are counterfeit. The best advice is to not open the email to begin with.
Residents are also to be aware that not only does spring bring flowers it also brings the traveling asphalt pavers to the area.

Residents are reminded to be cautious when dealing with "door to door" "Have I got a deal for you" salesmen offering to seal your driveway or spray your roof.

When in doubt, contact the Better Business Bureau at 1.800.542.7085.