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Good Morning everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom gearing up for 7News@Noon.

Governor Jindal is in town at this hour for an economic development announcement at Lake Charles Regional Airport.  We have a crew out there and hope to have the details for you at noon.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent of Education for the state will be coming to Jennings later this afternoon.  We'll tell you where and when that will happen.

The recent incident of mad cow disease has many folks wondering about the meat supply.  Today, we have news of a new USDA tracking method that will hopefully make a big difference. The goal is to eliminate any food safety problems before they spread.

Also today, it's an old debate – to rinse, or not to rinse? Will the dishwasher take care of all that food?  We'll answer that question with an experiment showing you just what happens when you load and turn on your dishwasher.

Plus, a blind person can depend on a seeing-eye dog, but can a blind dog depend on a canine companion as well?  We'll have the story of two dogs and how trials in their lives made them the perfect match.

Ben tells me the sunshine has returned, and the temperatures are soaring – could be in the 90's this afternoon for some of you folks.   He's preparing the full forecast now, so be sure to tune in to find out what the weekend holds.

Kadi Hanes, our neighborhood website coordinator is busily updating our Joshua Ledet page.  Hopefully he garnered enough votes to remain in the Idol competition, but until we find out his fate tonight, you can watch his performances here: Visit Ledet's page!

Good luck, Josh!

We hope you join us at noon.  Remember we're online at and on the air.

Have a great day everyone!