Davis & Saltzman jurors hear about infidelity, insurance and video poker

Davis & Saltzman jurors hear about infidelity, video poker and insurance

Robyn Davis was in jail and on the visitors phone with her son when she made what the son says was a joke. However prosecutors consider it no laughing matter.

Robyn Davis was in jail on the phone with her son Justin Little when he asked her if she was the most hardened criminal in there. Said Robyn Davis, "There are people here with higher bonds than me who didn't even kill anybody."

The recorded conversation was played for the jury though the audio was hard to hear. When prosecutor Rick Bryant asked Justin about the statement he said his mother was just joking.

Defense attorney Glen Vamvoras points out jail inmates are advised that their calls are subject to monitoring and recording, suggesting Robyn wouldn't have said anything incriminating.

Little also testified about Brian Davis playing video poker and that Davis would sometime slip him some cash to "not talk about it," presumably to his wife.

Bryant said early on the story would unfold through the state's witnesses and jurors are getting know Brian and Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman in part through numerous witnesses who worked with them at Union National Life Insurance Company. And the elements of the story being revealed include infidelity, gambling and life insurance proceeds.

The jury heard about Brian's affair with a woman named Fannie Dietz who, from the witness stand,  told how the affair ended her own marriage and how there were confrontations between Brian and Robyn Davis and Fannie and Robyn Davis.

Jurors also heard that Brian is Robyn's second husband to die.  Andrew Little was killed in a car accident and Robyn apparently received an undisclosed amount in life insurance proceeds.

Jurors also found out Robyn Davis and Sissy Saltzman were terminated from Union Insurance, but they are not allowed to know why.

And members of Brian Davis's family portrayed Robyn Davis as callous and not too concerned about her husband's disappearance-- one even making it sound as though she had a party going on though the defense suggests that was Robyn's children having friends over. Also Brian Davis's sister Cathy told how, though Robyn attended the funeral, she did not attend a memorial service held several days later in their hometown church in Independence, La.

Toward the end of the day the state called a woman from boat dealership in Kinder. Brian Davis was apparently shopping for a boat the day he was murdered.

The trial resumes at 8:30 in the morning.

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