Lafayette Animal Control sees happy ending

The following is a Press Release:

On October 17, 2011, a yellow lab showed up in the drop off kennels of Lafayette Animal Control Center (LACC).  He was lost, and the LACC staff was unable to identify his owner.  The LACC staff named the lab Bullet.

Bullet met the criteria for adoption, and was adopted by Douglas Drake.  Drake and Bullet lived happily together until Drake received his orders for deployment earlier this year.  Drake honored his contract with LACC, and returned Bullet to LACC to be offered for adoption again.  Drake was saddened to give Bullet up for adoption.

But, on April 26th, Bullet's previous owner discovered him on the LACC web site and immediately the two were reunited.  Tears of joy were on the faces of all the LACC volunteers, staff.  Andrea Melancon, Bullet's original owner, is now Bullet's owner once again.

"We are so proud and grateful that Bullet is back in his original home.  It is great for all of our volunteers and staff to see their hard work pay off in such an emotional way.  I am also so happy that we were able to give a serviceman the confidence that his animal is back in his original loving home," said Virginia Lee, Division Manager/Animal Control Supervisor.