Davis & Saltzman Trial: deputies and experts take the stand

VIDEO: Davis & Saltman Trial: deupties and experts take the stand

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In some ways it's almost as though the state aims to show what they do not have before revealing to the jury the circumstantial evidence prosecutors hope will lead to murder convictions for Robyn Davis and her friend Carol Sissy-Saltzman.

The women are charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Davis's husband Brian.

Various sheriff's deputies and investigative experts came forward to explain their roles in the case and tell about evidence collected and in some cases, how it did not reveal physical evidence such as DNA and fingerprints.

Coroner Dr. Terry Welke testified that Davis was shot four times and that three of the four shots would likely be fatal. One of the shots hit the back of his head, the other three the trunk of his body.

There was also testimony from a former deputy concerning a video from Fred's Lounge near the murder scene that is apparently missing from evidence. A video that Defense Attorney Glen Vamvoras called critical.

"It's lost and we can't use it to set ourselves free," Vamvoras said.

Another issue they jury heard a lot about deals with the car at the murder scene which belonged to Robyn Davis. Positioning of tools and the spare suggest someone was about to change a tire yet according to testimony, there was nothing wrong with the tire.

DNA testing yielded no meaningful information from the scene. It's been suggested such evidence may have been washed away in the rain.

There was also an expert on firearms whose testimony suggested bullets found in Davis's body were similar to 9 millimeter bullets at his home. Apparently the murder weapon was never found.

A detective who spoke to Davis after her husband's death also testified about information they got from her about where her husband had been and what he was doing the day he died.

Davis told deputies he was playing hooky from work at Union Insurance in Lafayette in order to shop for a boat.

The deputy also testified that Davis said her husband had an affair with a woman named Fannie and that he had at least a $130,000 in life insurance and she was the beneficiary.

The judge said he'll start earlier and work later to try to make more progress in the trial.

The trial is expected to go until as late as 7 p.m. Tuesday and pick up again at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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