Davis & Saltzman Trial: Crime scene evidence shown

Davis & Saltzman: Crime scene evidence shown

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The tire, the spare and the lug nuts were there at the crime scene where Brian Davis's body was found.

From testimony it seems as though someone was about to change a tire on the front passenger side of the blue Honda Accord at the scene because the lug nuts were removed and the spare was on the ground nearby.

What's not clear is why someone would be changing the tire especially considering that tests performed by investigators later indicated the tire was not damaged and had no leak. How it fits into the state's theory of the case is not yet clear.

Meanwhile questioning by the defense suggests any value the tire or lug nuts would have had as evidence was compromised because a deputy touched each while putting the spare and lug nuts on the car so it could be towed.

Earlier, the jury watched extremely gruesome nighttime video of crime scene investigators examining the remains of Brian Davis at the scene where his body was found at the end of Wagon Wheel Drive off Big Lake Road July 1, 2009.

Investigators believe Davis was murdered on June 29 and by July 1 the body was beginning to decompose. At least two apparent bullet wounds could be seen on the body.

The video showed other items at the scene including the spare tire, lug nuts, a sock, sunglasses, a box of files and a box of odds and ends including jumper cables. There were also 9 millimeter bullets on the ground; one live round and two spent casings.

Then the jury was shown daytime video of the scene after the body and evidence were removed.

Nine witnesses for the state testified. The trial will resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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