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What happened to Brian Davis back in June 2009?  His body was found two days after he went missing, and according to Calcasieu Parish prosecutors this morning, he had been shot four times.  Davis' wife Robyn and Carol Sissy Saltzman are on trial for his murder, but what would have been the motive?  KPLC's Theresa Schmidt is sitting in court right now and reports prosecutor Rick Bryant is telling jurors they'll hear about bank records, insurance, and more.  Up next, opening statements from the defense.  At noon, we'll have more on what's being said.

Also today, a big moment for area senior citizens as a new elderly housing complex opens in Calcasieu Parish.  We'll give you an inside look at what the facility has to offer.

Plus, you may be surprised at what soldiers want in those care packages from home.  According to two women who send out those packages, the soldiers really want silly string and romance novels – anything to take their minds off the present and let them have a bit of fun.

In health news, would you leave your significant other if their snoring kept you up at night?  In an effort to keep that from happening, we're going to show you a new snoring solution that promises to get you a good night's sleep.

Weather-wise, Ben is saying the sunshine continues, but some clouds may be floating on in this afternoon, along with some breezy conditions.  What about the weekend?  Well to find that out, you'll have to tune in for his full forecast.  Meanwhile, we have even more weather info to share with you – it's something we call "Wade's World of Weather."   It's a new segment from our Chief Meteorologist, Wade Hampton, and it highlights some of the coolest weather videos from around the world.

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