Future changes to Contraband Days

Future changes to Contraband Days

Protesters and members of Contraband Days met and discussed changes to the controversial festival.

Thursday afternoon, protestors took their concerns to the Office of Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach and members of the Buccaneers who run the festival. Both groups are working together to change the name of the festival.

"They are ready to work along with the organization here in Lake Charles and the National Action Network." President of the National Action Network of Louisiana George Fisher said. "We think it's good for the city, we're going to have diversity in whatever happens to this event."

Contraband Days members said this isn't a overnight process but will take a couple of years to accomplish.

"We are welcoming all input from the residents of Southwest Louisiana we want to hear people's concerns, we want this to be one of the greatest festivals in the state of Louisiana," representative of Contraband Days Dean Day said.

Both sides expect to meet in the future.

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