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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom getting ready for 7 News@Noon.

Are you an avid fisherman? Do you particularly love to fish for bass?   Well, there's an effort to replenish the fish population at the Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge. Today 50 thousand largemouth bass fingerlings are being released into the Lacassine Pool.  This year's release is expected to enhance the current Pool habitat conditions making it a perfect environment for fishing. We hope to have some pictures from KPLC's Olivia Vidal who is out there now.

Also today, you may be surprised to learn that the rate of divorce among baby boomers is higher than in any other group.  In fact, while divorce rates are generally down nationwide, people over the age of 50 make up one in every four divorces.  We're finding out what's behind this trend.

Plus, a pretty funny story about a cow with a taste for fast food!  She escaped from her pen and ended up a half mile away at a McDonalds!  Fortunately, she wasn't on the menu.

And as Ben and I contemplate what we'll have for lunch today, he's also talking to me about this fine weather we've been having.   He says look for more of the same in the next couple of days, with perhaps an uptick in that humidity – but pretty nice overall.  Look for his full forecast in just a bit.

And if the great weather has you whistling a tune…perhaps it's something you heard Josh Ledet singing last night.   We hope he makes it into the next round tonight, but if you want a little recap of all things Josh, check out our special online Josh page here: American Idol Josh Ledet.

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