Donor flag flies in honor of lawn mower accident victim

Donor flag flies in honor of lawn mower accident victim

At only seven-years-old, her story is a tragedy.

Abby Walker died Sunday afternoon while playing in her grandparents yard in LeBleu Settlement. Flying debris from a lawn mower ended her life.

She had a bright future according to her father. She loved to sing, dance and enjoyed life.

Her life came to a tragic end Sunday, but her legacy will live on through her family, friends and at least five people she saved today by donating her organs.

April is national organ donor month, and it couldn't be more fitting for Abby's family.

"Her personality, just the smile that she put on anybody's face at any moment if they were down," said Marcus Walker, Abby's father. "Goofy. Energetic. Not shy at all. Just break out in dance in the middle of the grocery store."

Sunday afternoon ended tragically, as she died in a lawn mower accident. ER physician Doctor Jon Gray says lawn mower accidents can happen easily.

"Children and other individuals should be away from the lawn mower area should be in the house or just away from the yard that's being mowed during that time," said Dr. Gray.

But Abby's family say she was nowhere near her grandfather's lawn mower. He was mowing the lot next door to where she was playing, when she was struck by an object sent airborne by the mower.

"Cherish who you have while they're here because in a split second they could be gone," said Walker. "I know that she's going to be living on in somebody else."

Abby donated her organs Wednesday, something her dad called a "no brainer" for him and her mother.

"It helps ease," said Walker. "I'm proud. I'm sorry it happened, but if it saves others, especially children.. That's a miracle.

And she will save at least five lives, including one here in Louisiana. The rest of her organs will go to different places across the country.

"She was caring," said Walker. "And very happy. It's what she would've wanted."

He says the process of losing his daughter at such a young age is easier knowing that her legacy will live on.

"It helps the family members I believe," he said. "If they know that you're helping, that you can save a life, it helps with the mourning and the closure. Absolutely.

You can still see the Louisiana Organ Procurment Agency flag flying in front of Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Abby.

There is an account set up at Capitol One bank in Abby's name to help her family with the expenses.

On Saturday May 5th there will also be a benefit for Abby starting at 10 a.m. There will be BBQ plate lunches and raffles.

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