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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom gearing up for 7News@Noon.

More fallout from the announcement of a new case of mad cow disease in the United States.   It's the first one since 2006, and now two major South Korean retailers have suspended sales of U.S. beef in response.

Some local parents are faced with a serious situation – either pay what they owe in child support or go to jail.   We'll show you scenes from a child support round-up in the lake area.

Also today, a fed-up dad takes a gun to his daughter's laptop after she became mouthy about chores and her parents.  His YouTube video went viral with more than 32 million hits, but what about now?  How are the two getting along?

Plus, becoming a new father can be tough for those stationed overseas, but we'll show you how a video camera is helping one man feel closer to his new baby.

Getting kids to become more aware of everyday dangers from fires to other emergencies is the aim of something called "Safety Town."  It's an event happening today at the Lake Charles Civic Center and it's goal is to teach children thru hands on experience.

Ben says more sunny days ahead, but that humidity is creeping up.  He's working on his forecast right now, so make sure you join us to find out how the rest of the week will pan out.

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