A large snake has residents of Lake Arthur worried

Snake in Lake Arthur

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - A photo taken of a possible loose python in Lake Arthur proved to be a common black rat snake after analyzed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

LDWF was not notified of the loose snake, but residents have nothing to worry about because the rat snake is common in La. and is non-venomous.

"Rat snakes are long, thin snakes. They can get up to 7-feet-long and climb like I said, very well," John Robinette of LDWF said.

The rat snake tends to hand around houses and climb in trees. Their diet is mainly rats and bird eggs.

"They really aren't anything to be afraid of. It's just people who are afraid of snakes who are going to be scared of these larger rat snakes," Robinette said.

And compared to a python, what the snake was thought to be, Robinette said the two are very different.

"Pythons are usually large," Robinette said. "They're a much sturdier snake and what I'm meaning is bigger around in circumference than a rat snake."

He said when it comes to rat snakes, Wildlife and Fisheries does not go out and remove them from the property. He said the best way to prevent the snake on property or near homes is to make sure the yard is kept clean, or clutter-free.

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