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On this beautiful Thursday, this is Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom gearing up for 7News@Noon.

It is in fact such a gorgeous day that Meteorologist Ben Terry has left little ole me in the studio in favor of working outside in the sunshine!  Not to worry, Ben will be doing his job but he'll also give us a live look at some historic ships docking in the lake area.  The "Nina" and the "Pinta"  are replicas of ships that brought Christopher Columbus to America.  "Nina" was built by hand and without the use of power tools and is considered to be the most historically accurate Columbus replica ever built.  The "Pinta" was recently built in Brazil and is a larger version of the original caravel.   We're going to be getting a sneak peek at noon, but Ben will also tell you how you and your family will be able to see this bit of history.

Also today, is it possible for 'tweens to be too digitally social?  Find out why some experts say technology may be important, but relying on computers can hurt childhood development – maybe even wipe out person-to-person social skills.

Plus, would you get married inside a furniture store?  Well at noon we're going to hear the story of high school sweethearts who had gone their separate ways and have since reunited at just such a store.  They decided it was the perfect place to tie the knot.

And if you travel the I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge you've no doubt thought about the lighting situation.  Recently we were told there would be testing of several LED lights on the bridge, but now we're hearing that won't happen.  A new project is being planned and we'll tell you what that involves.

It's a jam-packed show at noon.   We hope you join us either on air or online at

Enjoy the day everyone!