Getting the votes in for Joshua Ledet

Vote For Joshua Ledet

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Fans of Westlake's own American Idol contestant Joshua Ledet are making sure everyone gets their vote in after his performance on the show Wednesday, April 18.

Ledet is in the top seven on the singing show and his fans are supporting him.

"I drive my friends crazy. I drive everybody at work crazy. I talk to complete strangers and tell them that they need to vote," Phyllis Hess of Moss Bluff said.

Hess helped her friends at the viewing party with how to vote on their smart phones.

"I'm showing them how to cut and paste their vote so that they can vote a whole lot faster," Hess said.

A whole lot faster so more votes can be cast for Ledet. Donna Clark of Westlake is making sure everyone she knows votes and she is even challenging them to vote as much as she does.

"I'm up to 800 [votes] every Wednesday, and I'm shooting at 1,000 tonight. I'm gonna get that voting in," Clark said.

Clark said she doesn't talk to anyone after 9 p.m. until voting is over.

"We got two straight hours of voting. We have no conversations," she said. "This is serious business. Just like breathing, this is serious business."

Voting for the Idol contestant continues for two hours after the show.

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